May Newsletter

May Newsletter
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The news this month

Training, a possible answer to unemployment
A national meeting on employment took place at the beginning of May between several members of the government, the trade unions and representatives of the employers. This meeting centred on the young people who will be finishing their studies in June and who could be unemployed in the autumn. Its purpose was to find relevant solutions to prevent the present crisis from turning into a social crisis. The government wants to play the training card, in the form of voluntary training or work experience, in order to improve employee employability. A first brainstorming session set out the basic principles of future employment summits before and after the elections.
Source: Jeudi and La Voix, 7th May 2009

In short:
Good news for the consumer price index compiled by Statec. It recorded a fall for the month of March with respect to the previous month.
From 1.2% in February to 0.26% in March, historically the lowest rate since July 1999.

In the bag!
Since the introduction of the single employee status, the labour code has changed. Another reason for hurrying to get the new labour law, with annotations by Marc Feyereisen. This edition - in paperback - contains the whole of the new labour code, as it stands since the introduction of the single status, as well as countless jurisprudential references. The Code du Travail Luxembourgeois, édition 2009 is published in the "Lex Portabilis" collection, 1872 pages, 110 euros,
Source: Merkur, April 2009

Another reference guide
A practical tool for everyone who is responsible for managing personnel within a company,
La maladie du salarié by Jean-Luc Putz and Pierrot Schiltz sets out the legal and jurisprudential framework of workers' sick leave management and, amongst other things, allows companies to consider effective ways of dealing with personnel absenteeism. La maladie du salarié, a practical guide, 176 pages, 39.90 euros,
Source: Merkur, April 2009

For information
Finding a job after a period of unemployment, yes; at a lower salary, no!
In some cases, reemployment assistance can make up the difference and allow workers to receive 90% of their former salary for four years. To obtain reemployment assistance, the applicant must fill in and return the reemployment assistance grant request form that can be downloaded from the ADEM (Employment Administration) site at This measure also concerns cross-border workers who have lost their jobs in Luxembourg.
Source:, May 2009

A big university family
The aim of the project signed by university rectors and politicians last Thursday is to promote close cooperation between the seven universities of the Greater Region, Liege, Luxembourg, Metz, Nancy and Saarbrücken, together with their partners in Trier and Kaiserslautern. There is still some way to go before the idea can become reality; for example, it will be necessary to standardise the social and practical life of the students in all these institutions. To be continued…

Source: L'Essentiel, May 2009