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Get more attention with Monster Studios!

Create and edit your employer branding video yourself. With Monster Studios you can easily make your job advert stand out, engage clients, and show off your employer values and brand.
Free of charge!

With Monster Job Advert and SearchMonster you get

  • Distribution to Monsters desktop and mobile sites
  • Mobile-optimised job view to reach candidates where they spend their time
  • Reusable job postings - easily edit and adapt for a new opening
  • Job alert emails delivered to candidates
  • Unlimited job applicants - no cap on how many candidates can apply to your job while it's live
  • Access to Monster's database so you can find and view candidates proactively
  • Email alerts when new CVs are submitted that match your criteria
  • Build in email capability to contact candidates directly
  • Tools for team collaboration with multi-user access
  • Precision filtering to narrow or widen your search results

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my Monster Job Advertised?
Your job posting will be displayed on desktop and mobile site and in our mobile app.
Is there a limit to the number of candidates who can apply for a job advertisement?
No! You will receive all applications as long as the advertisement is online.
How soon will I start receiving CVs?
Your job posting will be live within an hour of posting, and you will start to receive CVs from applicants as soon as we get them.
How long will it take to post my Advert?
Our simple job posting form should only take a few minutes to complete. You'll need to include your job's title, location, description, and the email address where you want to have applications sent.
I'm not sure what to put in my Job posting. Can you help?
Absolutely! Check out our guide to writing great job descriptions. And for some extra guidance, take a look at some of our sample job descriptions.
Is Monster Studios Free?
Yes, Monster Studios is free of charge for every Monster customer who has purchased a job ad product.

Do you have any other questions?

Let us know if you have any questions. You can reach us on 800 23040.

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